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PIAP is one of leading European Security and Defence Unmanned Ground Vehicle manufacturers.

With more than 20 years of market experience in a field, the family of eight mobile robots and satisfied customers on three continents, PIAP uses an unique business model combining both research capabilities with manufacturing skills.

We are constantly looking for new challenges and opportunities to develop our products and knowledge. Space is the most demanding and adverse environment for any technology usage. It requires high competences and innovative approach to create space technologies. That is why we have decided to direct our efforts there.

PIAP Space

is brand dedicated for space industry activity. This team won its first contract for ESA in 2013. Since then it has focused on introducing experience and capabilities in robotics to space community. We are especially interested in developing technologies in the areas of Active Debris Removal, Manipulators & End-Effectors, On Orbit Satellite Servicing, Human-Robot Interaction, Vision Systems and mechanisms. Beside these activities. We have technical and technological possibilities in design, manufacturing and testing of all kind of MGSE and mechanical structures.

Reaching new destinations in space exploration will require large number of advanced robotics systems.

When it happens, we will be there!


We offer wide range of services associated with technology research and development, design, manufacturing, assembly & integration and tests in robotics and mechatronics field.

Manipulation & gripping systems design

Manipulation & gripping systems design

We provide significant experience in area of grippers and manipulator development. Our team delivered seven grippers for security and defence purposes and one gripper prototype for Active Debris Removal mission.

Vision based navigation

Vision based navigation

We offer visusal navigation development for rover, debris removal and precise landing missions. It covers algorithms development, code implementation, H/W-S/W codesign and test.

Validation Platforms & Field Tests

Validation Platforms & Field Tests

We provide eight different rover types for validation purpose of robotics technologies. We offer field test organisation, execution and data analysis.

Mechanical systems design and manufacturing

Mechanical systems design and manufacturing

We provide our experience in mechanisms, structure and MGSE design and manufacturing. We could cover whole product life cycle from requirements definition to maintenance support during product utylisation.

Career at our Company

PIAP Space is looking for technically and scientifically qualified people with a passion for discovering new space solutions.

If you want to join our TEAM, leave your CV by sending e-mail to:


PIAP SPACE Sp. z o. o.

Warsaw Office:
Al.Jerozolimskie 202, 02-486 Warsaw

Torun Office:
ul.Stefana Batorego 107, 87-100 Torun

VAT registration number (NIP) : PL 956 232 30 49

National Court Register No. 0000661833

National Economy Register No. 366496820


Contact detials:

email: office (at)

tel.: (+48) 22 874 03 95
fax: (+48) 22 874 02 16